Master Your Mornings

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Morning Motivation

It’s vital that we get a great start to the day and our CBD Pure Oils will set you up for the day ahead. Follow our morning motivation ideas and make yourself more energised for the day ahead – Master your mornings.

Wake Up

Wake up early and don’t press snooze, pressing snooze may seem like a good idea but continual cat napping makes you feel more tired when you eventually get up. Research shows that those people who get up early are more likely to live a happier and healthier life more than those people who go to bed late and get up late. Many successful people are early risers Richard Branson, President Barack Obama all get up early to prepare for the day ahead. Apple CEO Tim Cook starts his mornings at 3.45am, perhaps that’s a bit extreme. Get up early giving yourself plenty of time to do your morning tasks without rushing which can make the day stressful before you have even left the house

Exercise of choice

Start your day with your favourite exercise, exercise is crucial for your physical and mental wellbeing and will give you an additional energy boost for the day ahead. This does not have to be a log work out, there is loads of HIT work outs that are about 7-10 minutes long. This is good for your body and your brain, just 10 minutes of exercise can boost your cognitive performance by up to 14%. Exercise boosts your endorphins which are known as your happy hormones, so your morning exercise routine will ensure you start your day in an amazing mood. Morning mediation will give you a positive outlook on the day ahead, making a little time for yourself. Evidence suggests that meditation can reduce stress; help the immune system; reduce inflammation and be supportive to conditions such as fibromyalgia and irritable bowel syndrome. There are also links to improved attention and your own self-awareness. A famous quote says, “Everyone should meditate for 20 minutes a day, unless your busy then you should meditate for an hour”.

Eat Well

Breakfast is a must to kick start your metabolism, thus helping you burn more calories throughout the day. We have known for a long time now that a healthy morning meal can prevent artery hardening and therefore heart disease. There is a healthy breakfast choice to suit everyone, high-fibre cereal with fresh fruit; poached eggs and avocado on high fibre toast; porridge; smoothie bowl, or for those that need a quick fix while on the move a smoothie or overnight oats can easily be prepared the night prior, our favourite recipes can be found on our Morning Motivation blog

Plan for the day ahead

Planning your day with a list of what you need to achieve, time management helps you stay on top of your tasks and you get more done. It can reduce stress levels as you get fewer surprises or tight deadlines as you have forgotten something. Less wasted time as you know what you’re doing next so you can be a step ahead. Less forgotten items leading to a more positive day, forgotten items lead to more work and going back doing tasks more than once. Time management is about spending your time in the right place at the right time. Manage your time and all areas of your life will benefit.

Master your morning with help from your chosen CBD Oil and our handy hints for a stress-free morning, you will feel like a different person


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