CBDDIRECT2U’s response to the FSA’s Novel Food guidelines

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The Food Standards Agency (FSA) recently advised CBD companies that they have until March 2021 to be Novel Food compliant.

The authorisation process is being created to ensure that all CBD products categorised as novel foods meet strict legal standards. After the deadline next year only CBD goods that have submitted a valid application will be allowed to remain on the market.

As a company, CBDDIRECT2U is pleased to see the recent announcement from the Food Standards Agency regarding the sale of CBD in this country. As a responsible seller of CBD we work hard to adhere to the guidance and this clarification regarding CBD as a Novel Food is helpful.

We continue to work closely with the Cannabis Trades Association and our supply chain and we are confident in our submission to Novel Foods, which is well underway. Our supply chain is well trusted and includes an ISO certified laboratory.

Whilst we recognise Novel Food applications are highly complex, we are in a strong position with a large bank of data needed to appropriately support the rigors of a successful application down to the details for GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) with our raw ingredient supplier.

Many concerns have been raised in recent times about the validity of claims from distributors within the industry and we feel pleased that this will give us the opportunity to demonstrate ours and ensure our customers feel confident in their CBD product.

By Dr Peter Naylor, Medical Director of CBDDIRECT2U

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